Bill Quay Community Farm

Welcome to Bill Quay Community Farm, a treasured green space on the edge of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Farming for fun, learning, food and wellbeing, there is always something going on at the farm.

Since July 2013, the farm has been run by Bill Quay Community Farm Association, a registered charity which operates the farm on a not-for-profit basis for the benefit of the wider community.

All of the farm livestock at Bill Quay Community Farm is rare and indigenous. The farm is a Rare Breeds Survival Trust Approved Farm Park and has several breeding groups of animals including award winning Tamworth pigs, and rare sheep and goats. We have recently developed a small mammal area with chinchillas, degus, Chinese hamsters, rabbits, Guinea pigs, Fancy Mice, Ferrets and more…

Bill Quay Community Farm is a working farm which produces a small but regular amout of meat products. Our delicious Bill Quay Bangers are available to buy from the farm cafe and bulk orders can be taken for pubs, cafes and restaurants. We also produce other pork products on request and have lamb available seasonally.


Bill Quay Community Farm
Hainingwood Terrace
Bill Quay
Tyne & Wear
NE10 0UE

Events webpage:

See attraction’s website for current prices and opening hours.

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