West Town Farm

West Town Farm

West Town Farm is a working organic farm 3 miles from the centre of Exeter. The farm is part of Higher Level Stewardship and as such is comitted to supporting a rich diversity of wildlife.

The farm is rented by Andy Bragg from the Church of England. Our main enterprise is beef, reared organically and grass-fed. On a smaller scale we have pigs and grow some vegetables. We sell our produce as locally as we can.

Andy feels strongly that everyone should be able to enjoy the countryside, understand farming and benefit from local produce. We want to see people here, learning about the farm and seeing how we produce food. It is also important that everyone has an enjoyable time. We run a range of educational projects at West Town and this website is one way of bringing an understanding of farming to as many of people as possible.

Do come and visit us to find out more or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news and events!


West Town Farm

Website: http://www.westtownfarm.co.uk
Events webpage: http://www.westtownfarm.co.uk/farm-events
Twitter: https://twitter.com/westtownfarm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/westtownfarm

See attraction’s website for current prices and opening hours.

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