Lynn Museum

Come and visit the award-winning Lynn Museum, West Norfolk’s greatest treasure!

Enjoy this delightful museum which tells the story of West Norfolk. Step back in time as you walk into a life size replica of Seahenge. This astonishing Bronze Age timber circle is the museum’s stunning centrepiece. Learn about the people who meticulously crafted the timbers and study the marks left by their bronze axes.

Then discover the timbers as they were found on the beach and find out how this ancient wooden structure amazingly survived for 4,000 years.

Browse around the ‘West Norfolk Story’. Marvel at the Sedgeford Hoard of Iceni gold coins hidden in a cow bone for nearly 2000 years. Imagine being a pilgrim in the thriving medieval port of King’s Lynn or riding on the magnificent gallopers in a Victorian fairground.

Examine the skeleton of an Anglo Saxon warrior and Egyptian Shabti figures. Learn how early people have helped us to write history from their graves.

So much to discover

Alongside the rich displays of objects there are interactive features to entertain the whole family. Audio guides and gallery resource areas provide information for those wishing to find out more. Listen to a sample, or download the entire tour here Lynn Museum audio guide tour

There’s always lots to see and do at Lynn Museum. For more information on special activities, please access the event pages.

The museum is housed in a former Union Baptist Chapel and schoolroom adjacent to the town’s bus station. Come and take a look around – you will be warmly welcomed by Horace the tiger, who will greet you with a friendly roar!


Lynn Museum
Market Street
King’s Lynn
PE30 1NL

Events webpage:

See attraction’s website for current prices and opening hours.

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