White Scar Cave

White Scar Cave

The cave’s history is a long one. It began with the laying down of limestone deposits, which millions of years later were hollowed out by the action of water. Much later still, in 1923, the cave entered human history with its discovery by Christopher Long.

Since 1925 the cave entrance had been open to the elements. In 2004 the Yorkshire Dales National Park approved the building of a timber structure that would protect visitors on rainy days and from the fierce midsummer sun. The timber is covered with sedum grass, making a living green roof which blends into the natural landscape. The design was stress tested by structural engineers in New York to ensure that it could withstand a hurricane.


White Scar Caves
North Yorkshire

Website: http://www.whitescarcave.co.uk
Events webpage: http://www.whitescarcave.co.uk/local-information/events
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhiteScarCave
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhiteScarCave

See attraction’s website for current prices and opening hours.

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