Royal Armouries

Royal Armouries is located in the White Tower, the central keep and oldest part of the Tower of London.

The origins of the Armouries may be traced back to the working armoury of the medieval kings of England. The first recorded visitor to the Tower Armouries was in 1498, and entry was only granted by special permission. After the restoration of Charles II in 1660, the paying public was allowed in to marvel at new displays set up to celebrate the power and splendour of English monarchy.

The Armouries is one of the ancient institutions of the Tower of London, which also included the Board of Ordnance, the Menagerie, the Royal Mint, the Jewel House, the Royal Observatory and the Tower Record Office. These institutions are the focus of a permanent exhibition in the White Tower – Powerhouse.

What we do
Royal Armouries is the United Kingdom’s national museum of arms and armour, including artillery.

As a museum we have a duty of care for our objects: a duty to keep them, study them and increase our knowledge of them, so that this knowledge can be passed to future generations along with the objects themselves.

This knowledge can also be shared with others who also collect arms and armour. We are actively involved with, and support, a number of groups committed to the study of the subject and its practical applications. We offer an enquiry service for both the public and the commercial world alike, and have often acted as consultants on a number of film and television projects.


Royal Armouries
HM Tower Of London


See attraction’s website for current prices and opening hours.

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