Fishers Farm Park

Fishers Adventure Farm Park is the award-winning family day out in Sussex offering a full day of entertainment for all ages.

Our animals are the heart and soul of Fishers.
You can visit them in the Animal Encounters Barn and Field Enclosure and watch them grazing and relaxing from the Tractor Ride and Barrel Bug Ride – fabulous fun for all ages!

WACKY RACES include sheep and pig racing around the race track and Shetland pony races in the sand school on high days and school holidays.

Pet Shop
Fishers is fully licensed to sell our farm-born rabbits, guinea-pigs, piglets, goat kids, chickens and ducks. Our babies are handled regularly from a young age during the Animal Handling and demonstrations, so make perfect loving pets.

We also sell a range of The Hutch Company houses for small animals. Contact for more details.

Inside the Animal Encounters Barn you’ll discover the ‘Farming Museum’ and the old farm kitchen with interactive voice-overs to learn about farming in the past until the present day. Perfect for those studying the ‘Field to Fork’ topic at school!


Fishers Farm Park
Newpound Lane
Wisborough Green
West Sussex
RH14 0EG

Events webpage:

See attraction’s website for current prices and opening hours.

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