Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier

In the last ten years, millions of pounds have been invested into the maintenance and redevelopment of Brighton Pier. In 2006 Brighton Pier shipped two of the most famous thrill rides all the way from Italy. Air Race and The Booster have attracted thrill seekers from around the country. The Booster lets you experience the force of over 3.6G’s in 2.8 seconds, at over 130 feet in the air it rotates you 360 degrees before plunging back towards Brighton Pier.

Now firmly established as a pier of the 21st century with the charm of yester-year combined with modern retailing and entertainment facilities, we continue to preserve the historic structure whilst ensuring we still attract millions of visitors to enjoy the queen of all piers. We have recently embarked on a multi-million pound project to ensure the substructure is preserved and secure as well as taking care of the marine environment by clearing debris from the sea bed so that the marine environment can thrive. Above the deck the latest video games, thrill rides and retail shops ensure that our customers experience the best of seaside entertainment. Our Palm Court Restaurant remains the “Spiritual Home” of fish and chips and is on par with the very best restaurants in Britain. The media revolution has not passed us by with wi-fi access, Twitter, Facebook and website all playing their role in spreading the message that it is still ‘fun all year on Brighton Pier!’


Brighton Pier
Madeira Drive
East Sussex

Events webpage:

See attraction’s website for current prices and opening hours.

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